I must admit that summer is not my favorite season, however there are things that can happen in the

summer that may or may not happen any other time of year. It is to these things I turn my attention

each year.

Summer is the only time to inhale the absolute sweetest smell in the universe, honeysuckle. Summer

is the time when I seem to have a few extra hours in the day as the days grow exceptionally long in late summer. Summer is the time to sit down with a fresh tomato and saltshaker and taste a little bit of heaven. Summer is also the time for trying to get just a little better at some of the things I enjoy.

I am an average cook, so summer is a time I like to try some different dishes or at least, read some

new cooking magazines, thereby feeling like I have cooked! I buy fresh basil every year and set it on my windowsill. I feel so HGTV about the whole thing but must admit I have to make myself actually use that basil on top of my spaghetti before the leaves wither. But I will try again this year. The basil is already in its place on my porch in the sun just waiting for me to work for culinary genius.

I adore reading so I know I will accomplish those goals easily. I also fantasize about living in the south of France in a stone house with beautiful flowers all around. I do have flowers, but I have found that getting carried away with planting provides a nice home for the next garden snake that wants to slither by. Not a big fan of reptiles. However, I am trying my hand at a peony bush this year. Glorius flower. Worth taking a gardening risk for those blush pink blooms.

What will you focus on this summer? Might I suggest trying a new type of dance? How about setting a goal to work towards a double pirouette, a shuffle time step series, or developing a better “swag” in that hip hop dance. Set a goal and accomplish it this summer in dance. Really focus on a detail. Summer dance always puts one ahead. I have always said there is something magical about five consecutive days of dance. I see students turn into real dancers every summer.

So, whether it is trying a new recipe, growing something new, tasting new foods, going on a new

adventure or trying to perfect a difficult ballet turn across the floor, set your sights on a few summer

goals and experiences. We have a bit more unhurried time during these long days of summer to enjoy the processes of our dreams and goals.

Bon Appetit and Happy Summer Dancing!

Jimmi Lou

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