Sounds of Autumn

Someone once said that they would not want to live in a world without an October. I think I understand what they mean. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The palette of orange, red, gold, cranberry, and green found in the falling leaves, the smell of warm caramel and pumpkin pie, the sound of a late night wind and rain against a windowpane, and, of course, the music of the season makes October a heaven on earth. From relaxing jazz, to invigorating bluegrass, to mysterious and haunting instrumentals, there is something musical for everyone to enjoy. While I love the typical pop sounds of Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, and Superstition, I want to suggest some additional Autumn sounds that you might like to add to your playlist. Again, I have grouped according to age but there may be some overlap. I always try to suggest sounds that students may not necessarily gravitate towards so that their musical appreciation is broadened. I find that listening as you go is a great way to acquaint oneself with new sounds. October is a great time to add exciting, new music to your playlists! What new music will you discover? All music is available on your phone.

Early Childhood-3rd Grade

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Full Soundtrack). Music by Vince Guaraldi. Listening without watching the DVD will help listeners focus solely on the rhythms and the musical composition.

Upper Elementary -Junior High

Silly Symphony “The Skeleton Dance” A Walt Disney Comic. A fun, vintage Halloween cartoon with a fun jazzy dance routine performed by a kick line of skeletons. See how many steps you recognize! You will love the old, old school Halloween music!

High School – College/Career

George Winston: Autumn- Full Album. Definitely for those who enjoy contemporary and modern dance. As you listen perhaps you will be moved to choreograph, paint a picture, take a walk, or play music in the background while you are finishing up a paper or class project. George Winston has composed music for all seasons. Very relaxing after a stressful day!

Older Adult

One Hour of Vintage Fall Autumn Music. A nostalgic trip of fall music and autumn scenes. You might enjoy other vintage musical collections. Truly a blast from the past!

All Ages

Test question? What is the most popular Autumn song ever written? Think Nat King Cole. Yes, of course……….Autumn Leaves! If you have never heard this song, make it a priority to listen to it this month. Beautiful!


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