Several years ago I received a beautiful round box as a gift. It is blue with pictures of pink flowers and greenery swirling around it. On the top of the box the following words are printed, “Dance to the Music of Nature”. I keep this box on the vanity in my bathroom and it has held many contents over the years. It has been very practical and yet the greatest value has been that it has consistently reminded me to listen to the rhythms of nature. I attune my ears everyday to the rhythms of recorded music in the studio but often in the comings and goings of everyday life I miss the music that is playing all around me in nature.

I took a walk on the Greenway recently and found myself listening to a bird chirping so loudly as to not be denied an audience and the rushing sound of the Stones River as whitecaps were forming. The branches of many trees were gently swaying and while I could not hear the wind, I could feel the movement of the wind and its intermittent rests. Buttercups were proudly standing tall and the walking path had its twists and turns with uphill and downhill trails. Dogs barked here and there with staccato yelps and I watched rocks skim and across the water as a dad proudly showed his son how to master such a skill. People were walking, skipping, running, sitting, cycling, jumping, turning, and resting. “Dance” and rhythmic expressions were everywhere.

While research and folks far wiser than me have validated the benefits of being in nature I simply want to propose that during the breakthrough of springtime I can hear the rhythms in a thunderstorm, I can see the daisies dance, I can watch the clouds roll along, and so on and so on if but take the time to do so. I highly suspect that the outcome of this creative focused and purposeful awareness will be a bit more relaxation, perhaps clearness of thought, perhaps joy and gratitude in returning to the everyday routine. Hope you will join me in listening to the rhythms of nature. They are everywhere.

Happy Springtime and I hope you “dance” to the music of nature.


Jimmi Lou Tate/Director

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