Dance Forever

Recently a former dance student, now college graduate, walked back through the studio doors

and enrolled for three dance classes. We have vibrant college, career and adult classes. Her

delightful, surprise re-entry caused to me to think more deeply about our adult students and

especially those who have attended the studio since childhood. What makes for a lifetime of

dance? I would suggest the following:

- Positive movement and musical experiences

- Positive teacher and peer relationships

- Acquiring skills that prepare one for other extracurricular activities and teams

- Cross training for sports

- Building confidence in public performance and public speaking

- Gaining historical understanding of dance and other related arts

- Gaining dance skills as a steppingstone to college programs or private dance companies

- Gaining dance teacher training skills.

- Engaging in movement for physical health

- Engaging in dance training for good mental health

This young woman grew up in the studio. We watched her dance and do life year in and year

out. She excelled in dance and in leadership. She used her dance skills every year in college to

serve in college activities. She became a respected leader amongst her peers. She has

experienced the benefits of integrating dance into the fabric of her life. Dance has served many

purposes in her life. Now, she is back and continues to choose dance as a valuable, sustainable

part of her weekly routine.

Dance typically begins as a fun activity and then progresses to dance experiences that can

impact life in a multitude of helpful ways. Dance becomes essential, purpose driven, and

enriching. When purposeful, thoughtful dance experiences are integrated into one’s weekly

routine, some students choose to dance forever!


Jimmi Lou

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